Hurling Drills

A range of Hurling Drills will be posted here soon

Underage Warm-Up's - A sample of underage warm up's

U6 Hurling Nursery - A series of Drills for U6's from Castleknock GAA

The Hook - Coaching Card

The Dribble - Coaching Card

Striking from the Hand - Coaching Card

Solo Run - Coaching Card

Roll Lift - Coaching Card

Overhead Catch - Coaching Card

Jab Lift - Coaching Card

Hurling Nursery Programme - Advice on setting up a Hurling Nursery

Hand Pass - Coaching Card

Ground Strike - Coaching Card

Grip & Swing - Coaching Card

Fun Games for Hurling - Adapting fun games for Hurling

Frontal Block - Coaching Card

Fitness with the Sliotar - Ulster Co. GAA set out the demands of the modern hurler and a series of drills to improve fitness with the sliotar

Drills for better team play - A series of drills from Kevin Kelly of Ulster GAA to imprvove team play in hurling

Coaching the Tackle in Hurling - A series of drills to coach the tackle in hurling by Kevin Kelly of Ulster GAA

Batting a Ball - Coaching Card