Membership Options

Explore our Club 300 Family Membership Option

In 2018 we launched a new membership option that was rolled out for those that are in a position to assist with the on-going redevelopments at the club. It's called 'Club 300' because over a 12 month period a family will contribute €300 to the club. In return the family will receive full membership, entry into 12 monthly draws for €1,000 and also one line entry into our weekly lotto draw.

We have exciting plans to create a legacy for the future and are working with Edenderry Swimming Pool in order to create a first class Sports Campus on the Carrick Road for the enjoyment of all the residents of Edenderry.

We will continue to sign up new families and individuals on direct debit €25 per month or €75 per quarter. Please get in touch at anytime to get involved.

We were thrilled with the response and aim to continue this model for the foreseeable future whilst we continue our developments. We hope families will be in a position to choose this option over the regular membership payment as a significant portion of your €300 will be diverted to our Development Fund.

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Proposed redeveloped Pavilion & Edenderry Swimming Pool

Proposed redeveloped of pitches at Carrick Esker

Please click on the image below for more detail on the next stages of development that we aim to progress in order to deliver a club with exceptional facilities for future generations.