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"I'm a proud Offaly man. I was expecting a call up to play, but have heard nothing yet" junior sensation Dan Ryan confesses

posted 7 Feb 2020, 05:28 by Edenderry GAA
(Ryan in full flight)

By Niveked.........

Edenderry Junior 'C' top scorer Dan 'Red' Ryan, who also lit up the Junior 'A' championship in 2019, has stated he is a very proud Offaly man and would have been willing to make sacrifices to play for Offaly in 2020.

"I'm very proud of being from Offaly and I had a great year in 2019 with the junior 'C' team. Willie Forde had me playing the football of my life. He gave me great tips and I was popping over scores to beat the band. I wasn't willing to play senior because I'd have probably been forced to pay my membership in full but I felt I was definitely good enough" the Defence Forces worker stated.

Asked if he harboured ambition to play with the Offaly senior team, Mr Ryan said it was certainly an ambition and he thought he would have gotten a call over the winter.

"Look, I can't get into it too much" Ryan said. "I was brilliant last year, no question. I spent the winter doing the 5 mile around Furey's Hill with Sadder (Mark Young) and just hoping I'd get the elusive call, but it didn't happen. I even cut down on drinking to 3 nights a week sure Damo was fuming" Ryan continued.

When pressed for further information Ryan said he would not be willing to make any further comment as his PR Consultants were currently working on a press release on his behalf. The statement is expected to be published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Tick Tok, Bumble, carrier pigeon, smoke signals and various other platforms.

One local Edenderry supporter, who asked to remain anonymous, said "My Daniel should be captain of Offaly but it's all about who you know"

Our reporter phoned legendary Edenderry & Offaly footballer Finbarr Cullen to get his opinion on Dan 'Red' Ryan's chances of an Offaly call up and Cullen had this to say.

"Red who"?