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Health questionaire

posted 23 Jul 2020, 13:03 by Edenderry GAA

• You MUST have completed the Health Questionnaire in respect for each child on the morning of EACH day of camp.
o Please find link of a video which explains how to sign up & complete the questionnaire which will be specific to your Cul Camp (current entries for your club activities DO NOT count, a new entry is required)
o Video link below explains the steps that need to be followed
• Cúl Camp health questionnaire Guidelines for parents
• On arrival take your time & adhere to social distancing as you pass through 1 of our 2 Covid Supervisors
o These Covid Supervisors will need to verify you have logged a Health Questionnaire in respect of the camp for each child. Having a screenshot or you being able to show the entry on your phone will help speed things up
o Any child who has not a Cul Camp assigned Health Questionnaire completed in respect of themselves will NOT be allowed entry to the camp until the form is complete
• At the Covid Supervisor you need to sanitise your kids & your hands
• The Covid Supervisor will advise you of the pitch zone that each attendee is on
o You must then walk your kid(s) to the specific pitch zone
• The main pitch will be marked into a number of playing zones with walking alleys marked out to access these playing zones without walking through any of the playing zones so please cooperate with us by staying in these walking alleys
o In most cases it will be unavoidable to not have you walking on grass so please be prepared for that
• Upon arrival at your specific playing zone a coach will require you to sign in your child each morning
• The coach will also use this opportunity to communicate any important messages, for example
o That this is also your collection point for you child each evening & the same protocols are in place for collection as drop off
o You will be advised about the expected weather & we will be outside all the time
§ Social distancing for the full group cannot be observed in the stand therefore only certain number can use it at a time depending on size & we WILL NOT be using the changing rooms only to pass through for toilet breaks
o Bags will remain outside all day
§ Each kid must have their own bag with the following
§ Hand sanitiser for use throughout the day
§ Fully packed lunch for 3 x 10 minute breaks
§ Water bottle with their name clearly marked
§ Gumshield/Hurl Helmet
§ Any inhalers or medication
§ Everything in the bag to be in a waterproof container or bag
§ NO MOBILE PHONES are allowed by kids on camp
• We would then appreciate your cooperation in leaving the pitch, again via the walking alleys, as soon as you can & please avoid conversing with others around the pitch or in the car park
• All of the above steps will be in place each morning & evening (Monday – Friday)
• Camps run from Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm

Offaly GAA would like to thank you for your cooperation & patience as we implement these 

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