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GAA should play games in churches or meat factories 'for safety reasons' says former reds footballer Mark Young

posted 19 Aug 2020, 03:35 by Edenderry GAA

By Nivek

Tuesday evening's Government decision to ban supporters from attending games has been met with widespread dismay but all hope has not been lost with rumours swirling that games may well be moved to meat factories or churches in order to ensure a safe environment for all concerned, a move backed by former Edenderry underage sensation Mark Young.

While sceptical at first, the idea has gained huge support from the general public once it was confirmed that a €9 meal would be available from the factory canteen or a take away van in the church car-park.

"We're not that reckless that we'd just allow such a gathering without offering the €9 safety meal. It will be mandatory to eat the meal or you won't be allowed stay for the game. We can't be complacent. €9 meals save lives" the part time army officer (who famously missed a penalty in the 2011 county final) told the Edenderry Express this morning.

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Outdoor events, even with a capacity of 20,000, are now deemed unsafe to host 200 people (including the players & match officials) so experts in GAA circles have began to think outside the box in order to save their season.

"The only place the Government, or the medical experts who are actually running the country, have deemed fit to host a crowd are churches and we assume meat factories or direct provision centres as they haven't mentioned them in any updates, so perhaps we could play the games there and allow people to attend. Providing they buy a €9 meal of course, we cannot stress how important the €9 meal is" the two time Dowling cup winner stated.

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However, another former Edenderry footballer and one time teammate and work colleague, Stuart Cullen, has cast major doubt over the possibility. 

"I just think the competition needs to be Null & Void" Cullen said. "I spoke with Colm Byrne, Gazza Farrell, Alex Kenny and few more like them and we just think Null & Void is the only option. There'll be a huge asterisks beside anyone's name that wins anything".

While it would be fantastic to have crowds at games again, there is a major doubt that either Cullen or Young would be allowed attend games in a meat factory, following a very short, but controversial, stint working in the industry many years ago.