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GAA Congress Summary 2012

posted 16 Apr 2012, 01:03 by Edenderry GAA

Amongst the highlights from the 2012 GAA Congress was the decision to make the wearing of mouth guards mandatory in football training sessions and games from 2014 for senior players and from January 1, 2013 for all grades up to and including minor level, while the compromise motion on collective training in November and December was also passed.

To read read Liam O'Neill's speech to GAA Congress, click here. The new Uachtarán was formally handed over the reins by iar-Uachtarán Christy Cooney after the conclusion of voting on motions. 

Iar-Uachtarán Christy Cooney delivered his speech to Congress before lunch,  which can be read in full here.

Motion 30: Mandatory wearing of Mouth Guards

Motion 30 has been carried: It will now be mandatory to wear a mouth guard in football games and training sessions. 98 per cent of delegates vote in favor of the proposal. 

The rule comes into effect for senior players from 2014 and from 2013 for players up to and including minor level.

Motion 27: Collective Training/Closed Period 

Motion 27, which proposed a compromise to the ban on collective training in November and December, was carried by a significant majority.

Eighty-four per cent of delegates voted to change the current timetable for inter-county teams returning to training over the winter months.

“Senior Inter-County panels may return to training for a following year on a timetable determined by their time of exit from the All-Ireland Championships in a current year as follows:

Exit June; Commence Training November 15th
Exit July; Commence Training December 1st
Exit August; Commence Training December 8th
Exit September; Commence Training December 29th

There shall be a mandatory closed period for games and collective training of all Senior Inter County panels from December 21st to 28th inclusive. The months of November and December shall be closed months for games and collective training for all other Inter County panels.

Motion 39: Jersey Sponsorship

A Roscommon proposal that up to four sponsors can be included on jerseys, including on both sleeves and the back, was withdrawn and referred back to the branding department in Croke Park. 

Motions 21 and 22: GAA Congress

Motion 21, which proposed the streamlining of GAA Congress, by reducing the number of delegates by one third was defeated by 64-36.

Motion 20, proposing that GAA Congress be staged at Croke Park every year from 2014 onwards, was also defeated. However, it was agreed that GAA Congress should be staged prior to March 1 in future. 

Motion 5: Inter-County Transfers

Motion 5, relating to inter-county transfers which was proposed by Ard Comhairle, was passed, with 80 per cent of delegates voting in its favour, at GAA Congress on Saturday morning.

It means that a player will have to play in the club championship in a county in the previous or current year before being eleibilbe to represent that county in inter-county competition.

Eligibility for Inter-County Teams: A Player shall have played in Club Championship with a Club in a County in the previous or current year to be eligible to play in any Inter-County Competition with that County, save as provided for in Rules 6.6 and 6.7.

Motion 64: Masters Football and Hurling Championships

A proposal to re-introduce the Masters Football and Hurling Championships was defeated by 67-33 per cent.

Motion 71: Umpires at Inter-County Matches

A Wicklow proposal that all umpires at inter-county league and championship matches be qualified referees was defeated, with the motion receiving the backing of just 11 per cent of the delegates.