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Edenderry man to join cast of RTE soap 'Fair City'

posted 25 Sept 2018, 03:22 by Edenderry GAA   [ updated 27 Aug 2020, 14:58 ]
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There was an air of excitement but obvious disappointment felt among the the GAA community on Tuesday morning when it was revealed that popular groundsman Pat 'Ago' Cullen is set to leave his role as the clubs horticulturist. 

The lovable rogue, who has been head groundsman in the GAA for more than a decade, is set to fulfill a lifetime ambition of appearing in hit RTE soap 'Fair City'. Mr Cullen (85), confirmed the news to club chairman Willie Forde in a late night phone call on Monday after receiving word that his audition had been successful.

Mr Forde confirmed the news this morning. "Yea right, it's true right. Pat will be leaving his role as head groundsman this weekend to join the cast of 'Fair City' right" Mr Forde said while telling our reporter that the news is a devastating blow to the club and acknowledged all the hard work Pat had carried out over the past ten plus years. "Pat has been terrific for the club right but we couldn't stand in his way. He's wanted to be in 'Fair City' for years and sure who can blame him right. It's an absolutely top class show, top quality acting, I'm sure he'll fit right in" Mr Forde concluded.

Pat's big break came when he auditioned for the forthcoming GAA fundraiser 'The Oscars' and the organisers spotted his obvious talent immediately. We spoke to the director of 'The Oscars' and she confirmed they were blown away by his audition.

"It was incredible. It really was. Pat was auditioning for the role of Don Corleone from the movie 'The Godfather' and it just blew us away. It was more believable than Al Pacino himself. I phoned my friend who works in casting for 'Fair City' and told them immediately I'd unearthed a gem. I know Pat is well into his 80's now but he's flying fit" the executive stated.

(Pat 'Ago Cullen (left) is set to star in 'Fair City')

Mr Cullen is expected to play the role of Troy McClure, a local lothario who sweeps the women of Carrigstown off their feet within minutes of arriving. We spoke to Mr Cullen ahead of his big screen debut.

"Ah sure I'm delighted. I'll miss mowing the lawns in the GAA, maybe I could still do them at the weekends but I couldn't turn down the chance to star in 'Fair City'. It's a pity Kerri Ann was murdered last week I wouldn't mind sharing the screen with her if you know what I mean. I think the viewers will love my character. I'm a real bad boy but lovable at the same time" Mr Cullen said. Mr Cullen hopes his character will be as memorable as Stuart Dunne's portrayal of Billy Meehan fifteen years ago but said the characters are completely different.

"Ah jasus Billy was some detail, but I'm a bit more like Paul Brennan, a real ladies man. My character is much better crack than them lads though and I heard through the grapevine I might even get to smooch Renee or Carol. Lovely Jubbly".

Ladies of Carrigstown, you've been warned........

Meanwhile, head writer of the hit soap Kevin Cullen has hit out at suggestions that the character Detective Inspector Steve Yates is loosely based on former Edenderry based Garda Cornelius O'Leary, who worked in town for thirty years under the absurd alias 'Niall O'Leary'.

"This is absolute nonsense" Mr Cullen confirmed. "I refute all allegations that DI Yates and Cornelius are even remotely similar. I think you would be better off ringing Matt Groening of 'The Simpsons' and asking him if the Chief Wiggum character is a rip off of Cornelius. They're much more similar" Mr Cullen fumed.

Pat will become the 2nd Edenderry man to appear in the soap after Gerard Byrne starred as Malachy Costello between 1996-2009.