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Edenderry GAA soap opera debuts this coming Monday

posted 17 May 2018, 08:54 by Edenderry GAA
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...By: '2 many KGS'

Starting this Monday Edenderry GAA will present their very own five day soap opera entitled 'One Week in May' from Monday May 21st until Friday May 25th.

The soap opera will centre around Edenderry GAA and contain some of your favourite and least favourite characters including Ground-keeper 'Ago Cullen, the hardworking but dimwitted Chairman Willie Forde, the unscrupulous Vice Chairman David Farrell and 'the most cunning of them all' as Charlie Haughey would say, club secretary Colm Cummins plus a host of former and current senior footballers.

The soap opera tells of the daily in and outs of the on-goings at Ireland's local GAA clubs and the devious plots that can occur.

"We can't give to much away but the story revolves around the chance of a lifetime for some of our players. They're afforded a huge opportunity to play a match abroad in a unique environment but the club is potless. They need to raise funds ASAP and the Vice Chairman thinks he has the solution. Of course, being the unscrupulous fecker that he is, it's not straight forward and there's a huge twist in store. Keyser Soze is living among us but it may not be who you suspect" said a member of the two man writing team.

Early reviews have declared the soap is already better than RTE's 'Fair City' but the team of script writers are not getting very excited about that review as 'Fair City' is a pile of dung.

The question on everyone's mind will be just who exactly is Edenderry's Keyser Soze.

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"It's an absolute masterclass" THE IRISH TIMES

"Colm Cummins is at his cunning best" DAILY DIGEST

"I loved every minute of it" Liam Neeson

"Similar to Fr Ted, it will go down in Irish folklore. I'd love to play the part of 'Ago some day" Ardal O'Hanlon

"The Vice Chairman's role brings back some great memories of Don Corleone" Hollywood legend Al Pacino

"HAW HAW yes very good. Edenderry are in a very good place at this moment for sure" Jurgen Klopp

"If you liked 'The Usual Suspects' then you'll enjoy 'One Week in May' without doubt" Gabriel Byrne

"The twist at the very end was so unexpected. I never saw it coming" Stevie Wonder

"I'll you what, as far as David Farrell goes, he is not a man". Former Derry footballer Joe Brolly

"I was glad to play a small role. It was so much fun" Flying Freddie Grehan

"It was f***ing epic" Castleknock native Colin Farrell

"Elvis is just as hot as he was 40 years ago" Stephanie Kelly

"I was happy to play my part in this production, it really captured my personality I felt. The story itself is an amazing depiction of everyday life in GAA clubs all over Ireland" GAA President John Horan