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Edenderry GAA Big Brother: Day one

posted 17 Aug 2018, 01:37 by Edenderry GAA
(Jordan plays for Offaly you know)

By Niveked............

The Edenderry GAA 'Big Brother' contestants entered the house on Thursday morning at 8am and we will be providing you with the latest updates of what has occurred so far. The following fourteen contestants entered the house:

Ciaran 'Gazza' Farrell & his mammy Mag
Mark Young & Eoin Dunne
Derek Kelly & Brian Quinlan
Peadar Nail & Tony 'TK' Kenny
Cornelius O'Leary & Willie Kelly
Jordan Hayes & Jamie Dolan
Sean Doyle & Nikita Poland

8am: All fourteen contestants meet in the den.

8.05am: 'Big Brother Colm' warns the contestants to be on their best behaviour, especially Mark Young.

8.30am: Mark Young & Jamie Dolan announce they're starving and ask Mag to make some breakfast.

8.40am: Mag puts 'Gazza' down for a nap and starts to make breakfast for the rest of the housemates.

9am: Derek Kelly enters the diary room. He wishes to quit 'Big Brother'. His request his granted.

9.05am: Derek Kelly enters the diary room. He has changed his mind and decides to stay in the house.

9.30am: Jordan Hayes is missing his phone. He can't text any of his girlfriends but he is thrilled to have a long mirror in his room. He shows everybody his Gucci belt and handbag/satchel.

9.35am: Breakfast is finished. Mark & Jamie say they're going to do a few laps of the garden. It's important to keep fit.

10am: Jordan decides to go for a run also. He puts on his Offaly gear and his Gucci belt.

10.25am: Jordan finishes running, showers and puts back on his Offaly gear. Jordan plays for Offaly.

10.55am: Cornelius O'Leary is irate. Someone has left a horrible smell in the toilets and he's on cleaning duty. He suspects it was Brian Quinlan but hasn't enough evidence to convict him.

(Cornelius O'Leary suspects foul play)

Midday: Sean Doyle & Nikita have yet to emerge from their bedroom.

2.15pm: Peadar and 'TK' have began arguing over who the best player of all time was. Peadar is adamant it was Rodge. 'TK' is adamant it was him.

3pm: Mag puts 'Gazza' back down for another nap. He's very sleepy and cranky.

4.25pm: Mark Young & Jamie Dolan offer to make dinner. Mag is thrilled she's getting some time off.

5pm: Delivery driver Diarmaid Meleady arrives at the front door. Mark & Jamie have ordered a chipper from 'Golden Fries' for everyone.

6pm: Willie Kelly demands silence in the house for the Angelus. 

6.30pm: Eoin Dunne enters the diary room. He tells 'Big Brother Colm' he really misses his friend Shane Cummins and wishes they were back on the beach together in Greece.

6.55pm: A special guest arrives at the house. It's senior footballer Keith McGuinness. He walks to the door with the aid of his walking stick. The housemates are delighted to see him in such good health.

7.15pm: The housemates question Keith on what it was like to play football in the early 60's.

7.50pm: A taxi arrives for Keith. He puts on his scarf as it is cold outside. He needs to be back at Ofalia House by eight o'clock.

8pm: Stephanie Kelly is caught trying to smuggle cans of Guinness into the 'Big Brother' house. Retired Detective Garda Cornelius O'Leary intercepts the transaction and confiscates the cans. "I'll look after these" he's heard telling Stephanie.

(Cornelius made light work of the Guinness & snored all night)

8.10pm: Sean Doyle & Nikita have yet to emerge from their bedroom.

9pm: 'Big Brother Colm' cuts the power to the house and announces it's bed time. It's costing the club too much money to have 24hr electricity. 

1.23am: There's a knock on the front door of the 'Big Brother' house. A delivery from 'Pings' has just arrived. It seems Mark Young is feeling peckish.

1.24am: Mark tells the delivery driver to charge it to the GAA.

1.25am: 'Big Brother Colm' calls Mark to the Diary room immediately. The calls go unanswered. There's expected to be blue murder on Day 2!

That's it for Day One in the 'Big Brother' house in Edenderry. More special guests are expected to visit on Day 2 and it's hoped Sean Doyle will emerge from his bedroom.

Edenderry's Big Brother is watching you