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Edenderry GAA Big Brother: Day 3 (Semi final)

posted 19 Aug 2018, 08:29 by Edenderry GAA   [ updated 27 Aug 2020, 14:56 ]
(Some old faces have come to visit)

By Niveked..........

It's Day 3 in the Edenderry GAA 'Big Brother' house. That means it's semi final time. The housemates are still coming to terms with the four evictions from Day 2. They can't get over how lucky they are to have the lovely Niamh Lawless replace Derek, Peadar, TK and Brian. The fact that King Alo Kenny came in too really helped improve the atmosphere. Let's take a recap on the days events.

8am: Willie Kelly & 'Gazza's' mammy Mag are outside in the garden feeding the chickens. There are hundreds of little chicks running around, even more chicks than you'd see chasing Jordan Hayes around Club 38.

8.02am: Willie Kelly picks up a little chick and gives him a little peck on the beak. He hands the chick to 'Gazza's' mammy Mag and says "Stick him in the pot there will ya I'm fecking starving".

8.30am: Jordan Hayes, determined to keep fit, is up early with his Offaly gear on and is out for a quick run around the garden. He asks Cornelius O'Leary to shine up his Gucci Belt for him and place it back carefully in his Gucci Satchel/handbag. After his run, he puts on his Gucci flip flops and heads to the Jacuzzi.

9am: A huge banging noise is heard coming from Eoin Dunne and Mark Young's room. The housemates rush to see is everything alright. Mark is lying on the ground with a bloody nose while Eoin stands over him with a bloody fist.

9.01am: Former Detective Garda Cornelius O'Leary steps in and drags both men to 'The Den' to establish what happened. It appears the two men were arguing over food. Eoin accidently knocked Mark's spice bag onto the floor and Mark called him names. Eoin responded by knocking the 27year old out cold. 

(Eoin hardly broke a sweat beating up Mark Young)

9.15am: All the commotion has woken up 'Gazza'. He's very irritable and can't settle. His mammy Mag burps him and eventually gets him back to sleep. His poor little wrist is so sore.

9.45am: 'Big Brother Colm' calls the housemates to 'The Den'. He is not in good humour. "Eoin Dunne please leave the 'Big Brother' house immediately. Edenderry GAA can not tolerate such carry on".

10am: King Alo Kenny has been up all night listening to Kanye West on his Ghettoblaster. He decides to go to bed. He finishes off his box of 20 Major first then toddles off to the room.

10.45am: Jamie Dolan and Mark Young arrange for a delivery from Eden Deli.

11.05am: Sean Doyle finally emerges from the bedroom. There is still no sign of Nikita. Sean is spotted with a little 'Tiffany's' box in his hand and something sparkly inside. What could it be? What is Sean up to?

11.25pm: Gazza is up fresh as a daisy and goes for a jog in the back garden. He starts pinging balls from one end of the yard to the other. Gazza is the 'ping' master and practice makes perfect. He asks King Alo Kenny if he'd like to join him. King Alo looks at him and says "I don't need to train, it's all natural kid".

11.55am: There's a knock on the front door of the 'Big Brother' house. It's the Military Police led by Adrian Farrell & Colin McNamara. They're here to arrest Mark Young for desertion. He hasn't shown up for work since November 2016.

Midday: 'Big Brother Colm' calls everyone to 'The Den'. He informs them that at least three more people will be going home today at different times of the day. He also informs them that they will have some special guest visitors later today.

12.14pm: Jamie Dolan is devastated over Mark Young's exit from the house. There are now just nine people remaining and Jamie is not sure he even wants to continue without his 'chipper buddy'. Jamie drives a BMW.

12.56pm: Jamie Dolan has finished his second bottle of red wine. He is growing more and more irritable without his 'Chipper buddy'. Jamie drives a BMW.

1.05pm: Jamie Dolan phones for a takeaway. Jamie drives a BMW.

1.15pm: 'Big Brother Colm' announces to the remaining nine contestants that the winner will receive a TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!!

1.34pm: Niamh informs Nikita that Sean Doyle was spotted with a Tiffany's box earlier today. Excitement is growing among the women as to what is inside. Is it an engagement ring? Is Sean Doyle really this romantic?

1.49pm: Jamie Dolan attacks Gazza and repeatedly stomps on his sore wrist. What has gotten into Jamie? Apart from four bottles of red wine and a couple of takeaways.

1.50pm: Jamie is knocked unconscious when 'Gazza's' mammy Mag gets hold of him. Mag dresses Gazza in his confirmation suit for 7pm mass. Cornelius O'Leary places Jamie under citizens arrest but can't find his handcuffs. They're still in Sean Doyle's bedroom.

2.09pm: 'Big Brother Colm' announces that Jamie Dolan is to be removed immediately from the 'Big Brother' house. His drunken behaviour is out of control.

(Jamie Dolan used to be such a quiet young man, the drink got the better of him)

3pm: Big Brother Colm' announces two special guests are about to enter. Making their way from Boston & Melbourne here comes former senior footballers Stuart Cullen and Sean Marshall. Stuart picks up just where he left off in 2016 and annoys everyone immediately. The housemates vote within ten minutes to throw him out of the house.

3.15pm: Sean Marshall has caught up with his mates. There is an instant bond between Jordan Hayes and Sean Marshall as they compare themselves in the mirror in Jordan's room. The lads make a man date for March 2019 when Sean moves home.

(The General: Sean Marshall)

3.42pm: Willie Kelly says he needs to get out of the house before 6pm Sunday. That's his drinking time and his friends will miss him if he isn't in Byrnes Bar for this time.

3.49pm: Sean Doyle is looking very nervous and is wearing a hat that he borrowed from his best mate Sean Moriarty.

3.50pm: Niamh suggests to Nikita that the time could be drawing near for Sean to reveal his biggest secret.

4pm: Sean Doyle emerges from the bedroom and informs the housemates he has something HUGE to announce. Everybody sits around very excited about what Sean is about to announce. He looks Nikita in the eye and holds her hand. He reveals to all the housemates that he has gotten a new sparkly earring from Tiffany's. He pulls off his hat to reveal his new look.

4.01pm: Nikita's face drops. Niamh looks disgusted. Willie Kelly bursts out laughing & tells Doylo that's not the first wide he's ever kicked.

4.05pm: Nikita and Niamh storm out of the house with the bags packed. There are now just eight contestants but still 1 more to leave today alone.

4.19pm: Sean Marshall has left the 'Big Brother' house. It's only now that all the housemates have noticed that some of their jerseys have gone missing.

5pm: Cornelius O'Leary announces he will say mass at 7pm. Gazza will be an altar server and Sean Doyle is expected to make a confession. Willie Kelly has opened his 14th can of Guinness. Jordan will wear his Gucci underpants. Alex decides to have another 20 Major.

6pm: Ahead of mass, 'Big Brother Colm' announces that there is one more special treat in store for the remaining contestants. He has managed to secure two Offaly footballers to visit the house, Cian Farrell & Sean Pender.

6.01pm: 'Big Brother Colm' tells the housemates the lads can't stay long, they've county training tonight. He also says they have agreed to sign autographs but under no circumstances is anyone to make eye contact or to physically touch them.

7.45pm: Mass is over and it's time to announce who will be the last person to leave the house today. 'Big Brother Colm' is just about to announce it but Sean Doyle asks can he leave. He said he misses his bae so much and can't function without her. She's his whole world. Willie Kelly and Cornelius O'Leary almost wet themselves laughing at Sean's innocence but hope that Stephanie & Joan don't find out they laughed. They're both afraid of their wives.

7.46pm: 'Big Brother Colm' grants his wish and says the others had voted him out anyway.

9pm: Lights out - the club can't afford the electricity.

11.24pm: Diarmaid Meleady shows up with a Golden Fries takeaway but Mark Young & Jamie Dolan have been eliminated. They forgot to cancel their standing order. Cornelius O'Leary and Willie Kelly take it anyway and munch the whole lot.

That's it for the Day 3 (the semi final) of Edenderry GAA's Big Brother. The final 6 contestants are 'Gazza's mammy Mag, Cornelius O'Leary, Willie Kelly, Jordan Hayes, King Alo Kenny and Gazza. Tune in tomorrow to find out who has won!!!