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Edenderry 'footballer' wins €500k in National Lottery

posted 23 Jul 2018, 04:59 by Edenderry GAA   [ updated 27 Aug 2020, 14:53 ]

By Niveked.........

There was huge excitement at Edenderry senior football training on Sunday morning when sub goalkeeper Mark Young arrived to training in his new Ferrari F40 having won €500k in the National Lottery on Saturday night.

The former child prodigy scooped the hefty sum after purchasing his ticket at local petrol station 'Managan's' on Saturday morning while collecting his daily breakfast roll. Mark discovered he had won the huge sum just after he left mass on Saturday night but being the level headed guy that he is he kept it to himself  for that night. On Sunday morning before training, Mark collected his new motor from 'Lawton & Foley' garage.

(Mark Young was tipped to be the next Jack O'Shea back in the day)

It's expected that the huge win will have no influence on Mark's character and that he is extremely keen to keep his position in the Irish Defence Forces, a job he cherishes dearly.

Speaking to the 'Edenderry Topic' this morning, Edenderry football trainer and army colleague Colin McNamara stated his belief that Mark will continue in his role at the barracks in the Curragh.

"Ah the place wouldn't be the same without Mark around work. He's first in every morning & last to leave. He has the place spotlessly clean for everyone and always has the kettle boiled" Mr McNamara said.

(Trainer Colin McNamara loves working with Mark)

Mark was congratulated by his teammates on Sunday morning especially senior captain Colm Byrne who took to Instagram to declare that him and Mark are best friends and that they're looking forward to spending the money together.

It is expected that a number of local businesses will benefit from the huge win with GAA Club Secretary Colm Cummins already reaching out to Mark to offer financial advice while Luigi, Paddy Power and Donoghue's Bar & Lounge are also expected to be huge beneficiaries with sales of stout expeceted to explode.

With a huge bank balance to his name now Mark is said to be in intense negotiations with former local law enforcer Cornelius O'Leary, who worked in Edenderry Garda station under the ridiculous alias of Niall O'Leary for thirty years until his retirement in 2014, to provide 24 hour armed security.

"Mark feels he needs security as people will be trying to exploit him, a bit like if Worzel Gummidge won the lottery. He's very innocent and vulnerable" said close friend Paul 'Podge' Hanlon.

Along with his new Ferrari F40, Mark has also booked a weekend of pampering at the Johnstown Spa resort which has been used a training base by the Donegal footballers over the past eight years. However, it is not expected that Mark will partake in any training exercise.

We reached out to Senior football manager Peter Brady for comment and Mr Brady offered his congratulations to the two time Dowling Cup winner.

"Fair play to Mark, I'm surprised he even bought a ticket to be honest. But anyway, he's on a drinking ban for the rest of the championship so I'm sure he won't go to wild" Mr Brady stated.