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Best XV opposition - Seamus Darby

posted 15 Jul 2015, 12:36 by Edenderry GAA

Best XV opposition – Seamus Darby

By David Farrell

Following on from last weeks ‘Best XV’ players that former Rhode and Offaly footballer Seamus Darby played with, this week the three time All-Ireland medalist picks the ‘Best XV’ that he played against.

There are a total of eight counties represented on Darby’s ‘Best XV’ team and for the first time in this column, all four provinces are represented. A total of six men from Dublin’s fair city have made the cut, two Royals from Meath and two from Kerry’s Kingdom with Kildare, Donegal, Galway, Roscommon and Sligo making up the remainder of this dream team.

The rules are simple. You can only choose a player you actually played against.



                                  Ollie Crinnigan


              2.                            3.                         4.

   Donal Monaghan         Jack Quinn       Robbie Kelleher

        (Donegal)                   (Meath)             (Dublin) 

             5.                             6.                           7.

  Tommy Drumm       Tommy Joe Gilmore   Pat O’Neill 

        (Dublin)                     (Galway)                  (Dublin)


                     8.                           9.

                      Brian Mullins       Mick O’Connell

                          (Dublin)                   (Kerry)


            10.                           11.                       12.          

    Anton O’Toole        Dermot Earley       Mickey Kerins

         (Dublin)                (Roscommon)            (Sligo) 

             13.                           14.                      15.

     Colm O’Rourke    Jimmy Keaveney     John Egan

           (Meath)                  (Dublin)                  (Kerry)




  1. He won an U21 All-Ireland and was unfortunate not to get a senior. Ollie Crinnigan was great goalkeeper for Kildare and a very long servant. He gets the nod in goals for me.

  2. Donal Monaghan of Donegal was simply a specialised corner back. I always struggled on him to be fair. I’d probably say he was my toughest opponent.

  3. The old traditional full back. Jack Quinn of Meath just guarded the square with his life. He was a great fielder of the ball and one of the all time greats.

  4. He was very sticky. Dublin’s Robbie Kelleher gave you nothing easy. He was a great corner back.

  5. Tommy Drumm from Dublin was a great all round footballer. He was a great reader of the game, he had a great vision and was a good passer of the ball.

  6. A tower of strength at centre back. Galway’s Tommy Joe Gilmore was a huge presence in the number 6 role and he had good vision.

  7. Pat O’Neill of Dublin was a great attacking wing back. He was very physical and very sticky. He was always impressive.

  8. A complete workhorse. Dublin’s Brian Mullins just didn’t know when he was beaten and he would never give up. He was the type of player that every footballer would want on their team.

  9. He’s arguably the greatest stylist in the history of the game. There’s not much more to say about Kerry’s Mick O’Connell. He is probably the greatest of all time.

  10. Anton O’Toole from Dublin was a big strong force of a player but not just that, he got a lot of very important scores for his county too.

  11. He must be one of the best ever to not win an All-Ireland medal. Roscommon’s Dermot Earley was simply a fantastic all round footballer.

  12. Another man who has no All-Ireland but is right up there with the best of all time. Sligo’s Mickey Kerins was an extremely good footballer and the first Sligo man to win an All-Star.

  13. I’m a big fan of Colm O’Rourke. The Meath man was a brilliant leader, a great scorer, he was so physical and he absolutely knew where the goals where. A brilliant footballer.

  14. A terrific full forward. Jimmy Keaveney was one of the main reasons Dublin were so successful in the 70’s. He came out of retirement to play and he was simply that good. He was deadly from open play or frees.

  15. To complete my team I’ve gone for one of the all time greats. Kerry’s captain from 1982 John Egan was the complete corner forward. He had power and strength, a great head and he certainly knew where the posts where. A terrific footballer.