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An Edenderry Isolation XV

posted 1 Apr 2020, 01:52 by Edenderry GAA   [ updated 1 Apr 2020, 02:18 ]

This morning, to help pass the boredom of the lockdown, a small group of club members came together to pick their 'Edenderry isolation XV'.  We've also included 6 substitutes and the management team that can help guide the team to the isolation championship

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1. Donal O'Neill

Who better than the man voted Edenderry's best ever number 1, Donal O'Neill

2. Cormac 'Jelly' Nolan

Jelly by name but not by nature, Cormac Nolan gets the number 2 geansaí.


3. David 'Rodge' Hanlon

The best dual star in Ireland according to Peadar Nail - there's no higher honour in the game.

4. Sean Pender

At number 4 is our 2015 senior winning captain, Sean Pender

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5. Shane Bagnall

A four time county medallist and one of Edenderry's finest defenders.

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6. Finbarr Cullen

Arguably the clubs greatest ever player - Certainly in the top 3.

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7. Johnny Hurst

A stalwart at wing back in the late 90's/early 00's, Johnny Hurst completes the defence.


8. Liam Nugent

A 1985 senior medal winner, there was no messing with Liam Nugent

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9. Gerry Carroll

Just as the box of cigarettes says, Carroll to many was Edenderry's number 1. All-Ireland medal winner in 1982.

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10. Basil Malone

You'd have to decorate your team with the most decorated player in the clubs history. Basil won every medal available to him. Legend.

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11. Keith McGuinness

The current club Chairman is at number 11 because that's the position he chose. Playing alongside his Uncle Gerry, their passing stats would be sure to hit the roof......

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12. Niall 'Golly' Comerford

A permanent place in the history books of Edenderry GAA due to his goal 20 minutes into injury time in the  1997 county final vs Ferbane.

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13. Peter Brady

The GOAT (Greatest of all time)

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14. Mark Young

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15. Jordan Hayes

Offaly footballer Jordan Hayes completes our 'Isolation XV'.


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16. Ciaran 'Gazza' Farrell

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17. King Alo Kenny

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18. Sean Doyle:

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19. Wayne Moooooney:

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20. John 'Baby' Mason:

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21: Mark Abbott


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