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All-Ireland player focus 6: Gary Blong

posted 2 Apr 2012, 05:21 by Edenderry GAA   [ updated 2 Apr 2012, 05:24 ]

1. What did it mean to win St Mary's 2nd only Leinster 'A' colleges title?

It was just amazing that we made our own history because down through the years you had people talking about great teams from the past and now we have our names up with the greats of the school so that meant a lot to everyone involved. It was just amazing.

2. At the start of the year, did you honestly feel that the team could go this far?

I always thought this team was great but we didn’t actually know how good we were ourselves. We knew we had the winnings of the Leinster in us but we knew that there was a lot of hard work to do to reach it.

3. In your opinion, who has been your star performing this year?

I think Daniel Grehan has just been brilliant so far and he shot out of the blue. He was always good but now he’s top class. I’d hate to have to mark him haha.

4. Who was your toughest opponent so far in your career?

Well from the school side of it was Coliaste Eoin but outside school I’d have to say St. Vincent’s in the minor this year.

5. Who is the best player you have played with?

Sean Doyle I think he’s just the complete forward. He’s strong on both feet and fast. He’s physically strong and an impotent h**r. Not a nice combination! Ha

6. Who is your laziest team-mate?

Jason Dowdall a big hairy lazy fecker. He’s a good player though.

7. What position do you prefer to play?

I love half back because you have the freedom to wander from 45 to 45 but you still have to keep an eye on your man. I think it’s a hard position but it’s great when things go right for you in that position

8. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Well winning the All-Ireland semi final with my mates and to play in such a big occasion was just class even if it was for only 10 mins. Haha

9. What does it mean to you to play in Croke Park?

Oh it’s just a childhood dream to get there to the pitch and be on it. I’ve wanted it since I first played GAA but playing in Croker is well and good but the main thing is leaving there with the Hogan cup. That’s number one priority.

10. What would you like to achieve at club level in your career?

At club level my number one goal is to win the Dowling cup on the starting team. That would be a high point in my life, anything after that is just a major bonus.