Following 5 Rounds of Games the Fixtures for the Finals are set out Below;
U6, U8 & U12 will be played on Fri. 22nd 
U10 Finals will be played on Wed. 27th June

Click Below for the full programme of Fixtures. 

U6 & U8 played on WED. 6.30pm
           U10 & U12's played on WED. 7.30pm
     20 Min Game (2 X 10 Mins)                                 30 Min Game (2 X 15 Mins)
    1 point for any score (Goal or Point)            1 Point for Goal & 2 Points for Over Bar

6.30pm GAMES
CLICK HERE for U6 & U8 Fixtures

7.00pm GAMES
CLICK HERE for U10 & U12 Fixtures